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In this section, we want to introduce our readers to some of the key persons, places, movements, and things associated with the history of Christianity.

The Early Christians

Imagine being able to talk to a Christian leader who had been a personal disciple of one of the apostles! Of course, we cannot do that today—but we can do the next best thing. We can read the writings of men like Ignatius, Clement, and Polycarp, who were personal disciples of the apostles. Their writings give us an authentic glimpse at what Christianity was like when it was still young and largely undefiled.


Are You Seeking for Apostolic Christianity?

Thousands of Christians seekers today are looking for authentic, apostolic Christianity. Some of these seekers conclude that the best way to return to apostolic Christianity is to join an ancient church as the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox. But is that really the path to genuine apostolic Christianity?

If you are a seeker of apostolic Christianity, we encourage you to review the resources we have on:

Why Stop Short of Apostolic Christianity

Kingdom Movements Through the Centuries

Resources About Kingdom Movements

If you would like to learn more about some of the dynamic kingdom movements throughout the century, we encourage you to check out the audio CDs we have about the Donatists, Novatianists, Nestorians, Lollards, Waldensians, and Anabaptists:

Resources on Kingdom Movements


Reformation Through the 21st Century

Read about some of the important people and movements from the time of the Reformation up through today:

William Law

John Wesley


Ephrata Cloister

Oxford Movement

Restoration Movement

Leonard Ravenhill


Dissenting Christians in Russia

Through the Centuries

Dukhobors and Molokans 

Old Believers


To browse through cds about Christian history, please visit Lectures on Christian History.