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Modest Dress Through The Centuries

Styles of clothing have changed through the centuries. Yet, in every century, those Christians who were committed to a life of radical discipleship to Jesus Christ have always dressed modestly. Here are some examples how modest Christians have dressed through the ages:

Early Christian Period: Persia

Middle Ages

Middle Ages

Anabaptist Family: 1600s

Catholic Woman: 1600s

Dutch Family: 1600s

Pilgrims: Colonial America - 1600s

1500 to 1700

1500 to 1700

English Protestant Woman: 1600s

1700's and 1800s

Catholic Women: France - 1800s

Quaker Man: 1800s

Women of Breton, France: 1886

Methodist Woman: U. S., 1912

Nuns: 20th Century

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